Team and mates

team afrc

Some of our players were and still are club and university level players . Some of our team mates were first timers and beginners who learned to play as the season went on, coached by the senior players. The team is very culturally diversified and the common thread that binds us is the love of rugby and that makes us a family as well. Some of the professions of the team mates are:

– Banking (honest bankers)
– Finance industry employees
– Teachers
– Students
– Playboy
– Military or government officials or secret service
– Construction engineers
– Social drinkers 😛


Some of our players have been in Japan for more than 10 years, some have just arrived. And we are a family, a group of friends playing rugby together, getting out together, enjoying time in and out the ground.

It’s not because we are in Japan that we must leave our French Flair behind, and you’re welcome to take part in it. The French Flair is not something that can be easily described, so come to the training and become part of the family, the All France family.


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