Speaking of Tours, we just returned from the Bangkok 10s, where we enjoy two days of high-level rugby. Every tour is the perfect occasion to go and discover Japan and Asia ( and the local drinks …) , within a nice team atmosphere, especially during the parties after the games.

We usually tour in Asia and in Japan at least once a year with the whole team, but some players sometimes go on other tournaments in Asia with the French Asian Barbarians (FABs) or other teams.


fabs 2016

FABs 2016


We’ve been to Manila 10′s, Bali 10′s, Bangkok, Guam 10′s, and, in Japan, Sugadaira, Akita…
Our primary concern on the tours, I have to be honest, is to have fun and experience the exotic locale, but we do commit in our games the following day. On the way and after the games, we party with the other teams, make new friends and watch our playboys’ skills with the ladies (you won’t see any photos of this).

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