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It’s a great pleasure for my colleages and me at Baird Brewing Company to support the All France Rugby Club (AFRC). 
The AFRC sponsorship feels like a natural fit for me. I played rugby in college in America many years ago, and that’s where I fell in love with both rugby and the most glorious beverage on earth: beer! The two go hand in hand in the celebration of vigorous, spirited competition; good sportsmanship; and, after the match, great times with teamates and opponents alike, many of whom become friends for life. 
Moreover, when I first arrived in Japan some thirty years ago — not speaking a word of Japanese — membership in the local rugby club in Osaka was my entree into the joys and delights of life in Japan. 
Thus, the great sport of rugby is deep in the DNA of Baird Brewing Company! 
We salute, support, and congratulate the All France Rugby Club, now celebrating their 30th year in Japan. Their love of rugby and — true to both French culture and Japanese culture — their celebration of life, sport and friendship, inspire us. 
Allez AFRC! 頑張ってください!And Cheers!
Bryan Baird
Co-Founder, Representative Partner, and Brewmaster
Baird Brewing Company
Shuzenji, Japan



I am Sebastien Bailet-Kojima from Osteojapan, graduated from Holistéa Collège Ostéopathique Européen (certified by the French Ministry of Health and Higher Education, registered at RNCP level 1) in Cergy-Pontoise near Paris, France.

I am an osteopath. This job consists in a manual therapy that restores the body’s mobility, relieves pain and provides relaxation and well being.
Osteopathy is also a holistic natural medicine. It is an appropriate alternative to some medications such as painkillers, muscle relaxants, antacids.

Here are some examples of symptoms that I treat using soft tissue techniques :
backache, joint pain, shoulder stiffness, headache, digestive problems, stress, a problem/discomfort in flight, baby colic.
It can be useful especially if you feel tired and stiff.

The rugby is a common sports in France and I always liked it since childhood. I practiced it a little in Junior and high school during Sports and Physical Education classes and I really enjoyed it. When I was in osteopathy college, I gained experience through sports events like EDHEC Sailing Cup and Pirelli but not in rugby world, which was a small disappoinment.
Therefore, since I became an osteopath DO, I always wanted to help athletic people to be in good shape, and if I could, in the rugby world.
When I found out the AFRC in Japan, it was the perfect occasion! Since then, I am the official osteopath DO of AFRC and sponsor. I will do my best to help the players to be in good shape before/after the games and I support the All France Rugby Club!

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