Rugby Training in Tokyo


Our rugby training happens every Thursday at Takadanobaba NishiToyama Park close from Takadanobaba station.

We play between 7pm and 9pm, then we usually go for a drink, or more.
We get French speaking, English speaking and Japanese speaking players together, so either you speak only one of these languages,
no worries, you’re welcome to join us.

We don’t require any minimum level and every one can come and see by themselves.

Only bring a pair of sport shoes ( synthetic ground ) and some sportswear and you’re ready to rumble !

Level and practice

While we provide a good introduction to rugby and prepare for the games, this is also for us some occasion to spend time between friends and to do some cardiovascular activity while having fun.

Aren’t you bored running on a treadmill while watching some show about food or the latest news ?

Come run with us and learn rugby or practice passing/tackling and improve your skills !
You will find yourself changed after some months and you will have new friends to joke with.

We are waiting for you !

For having a look, giving a try or play some games,

Don’t hesitate any longer !

Contact us !

13 + 15 =

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