All France Rugby Club Tokyo Gears Up for Shuto League: Actively Recruiting New Members

 Shuto League 2024-2025 As the Shuto League approaches, the All France Rugby Club Tokyo is ramping up its preparations and is on the lookout for new talent to join its ranks. Known for its unique blend of competitive spirit and camaraderie, the club is the only one in...

Friendly game with YCAC

 11/23 - AFRC vs YCAC friendly game AFRC had a friendly game against YCAC today! Good vibes and lots of fun playing rugby 12 at their amazing facility. Contact us ! All AFRC news

Training with New Zealand’s All Black

 All Blacks meet All France On the 28/10, All France coached a rugby beginner training hand in hand with All Blacks players!Great vibes and lots of fun! Contact us ! All AFRC news

Shuto League 2022 : Round III

 Shuto league 2022 : Third match against Hozen An unforgetable game AFRC beat Hozen OB 26-24 after an unbelievable and epic game.The brave blues scored the two last tries in the last 5 minutes (Antoine - Sélim). The whole world stopped as Antoine kicked the conversion...

Phoenix rescue!!

 All France to the rescue of Phoenix On the 23rd/9 All France gave a hand to Phoenix who lacked players for their game against Akehama Pherrows (茜浜フェローズ).The game took place at Toneri ground, an amazing place with actual grass and seats for supporters.The friendly...

The club

All France Rugby Club (AFRC) is a friendly rugby team in Tokyo, with players from all nationalities, and where all levels, all shapes and sizes, and all IQ’s are welcome! The legend says it was founded by 3 rugby-mad French guys and an Aussie sitting in a bar !

The AFRC is one of the few foreign sport clubs offering a Rugby School for boys and girls over 8 years old !

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The Players

From different countries, different levels, and different occupation (we have Bankers and Finance employees -honest ones-, Teachers, Students, Playboys, Military or government officials, Secret agents, Construction engineers, Social drinkers) our players are friends on and out the field before all !

The leitmotiv is simple : let’s have fun !

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The Play frequency

Having a rugby training ground is a real advantage. It permits us to have regular trainings on Thursday where beginners can learn and experts teach and perfect their skills ! Regarding the games, the All France has its own cup and some international tours in addition to the regular Japanese Championship in order to be able to play all the year long !

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