tomorrow’s game is ON.

Station: YANOKUCHI station (JR Nambu line)

Meeting time: 10:30am as requested by KOSUKE.

If you do not read this email, then 11:20 is still fine but you will have to go to the ground directly ASAP.

(some players will take care of setting up the ground).

Ground: Yanokuchi ground (10 min walk from station)

Here is Damien’s mobile number: 080 4350 1925

He will bring the white jerseys.

Forwards (9):

Charlie, Kosuke, Frederic, Erwan, Quentin, Jerome, Philippe, Andrew, Lolo

Backs (10):

Yama, Mathieu, Tomoki, James, Dan, Romain L, Romain D, Kazu, Taka, Onda-san

(couple of backs such as James or Tomoki can also play 3rd row)

Maybe (confirmation to come b4 8pm): Mike (forward), Christophe & Florian (backs).

A few words,

Expect an even more difficult game than against the GAIJIN!

OLIVERS are a very good team but they also often play on the fringes of what is allowed (dirty tricks, see GAIJIN match report) and they also know how to “play” the referee.

Hold your temper!



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