Morning everyone,

First, thanks to the 9 lads who came to training on Sunday @ ARIAKE.

Second, our next game is on SUNDAY vs OLIVERS.

Tough game ahead but we will see whether we have progressed.


Date: Sunday 21st October

Meeting time: 11.20am at the station gates (Kick-off @ 1.20 PM)

Ground: Yanokuchi Ground (10 min walk from the station)

Station: Yanokuchi, Nambu Line

According to Doodle, we have 16 players and many MAYBE. We need more backs.

Please check/ update your status ASAP or send me an email ASAP.

Coach: Damien, Jeanphi

Forwards (9): Kosuke, Erwan, Quentin, Jerome, Frederic, Philippe, Andrew, Masa, Hisa

Backs (7): Yama, Mathieu, Dan, Romain L, Romain D, Christophe, Yousuke

Maybe (6): Charlie, Florian, Mike, Florian, Kazu, Lolo



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