After a long time hiatus where I’m sure most of the AFRC members enjoyed good food and good company, we were back on the ground last Sunday for a friendly game against the penguins of Setagaya.

We knew from the start that it wouldn’t be an easy game as our 10 ( Ryou) would be playing against us and our substitutes would be few. But we still managed to get a team ready to play under the AFRC jersey on this wonderful last day of January.

You can see the videos on Youtube at :

Please appreciate the work done by everybody but I’d like to point out a few things :
– first game for Jerome N. with a great presence and furious counterattacks.
– 2 tries by Hadrien, sign of a great feeling of the ball.
– A really good group of forwards who protected their line with aggressive tackles.
– some really strong attacks from Pierre and Masa.
Have a look at the videos… I’m sure the rest will be really interesting with many new french players ready to rock the place !
Ooh and we enjoyed the victory ( 43-24) by some cheese and wine.

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