Morning all, Sorry I could not make it to training last night and thanks to Lolo & Max who took over.

Next training is on SUNDAY 2 DEC. This is compulsory TEAM training ahead of our game VS TENTOMUSHI.

Location: Ariake Meeting time: 9:15am (9:30 at the ground) Ending time: 12pm What to expect: individual drills and collective drills. Practice of set pieces, rucks, line-outs, phased attacks. Bring your mouth guard and Mr. Dan, please bring the contact pad.

IN (11): Coach: Damien Forward (4): Charlie, Fredrik, Lolo, Quentin Backs (7): JP, Dan, Hisa, Romain L, Romain D, Xavier, Max

If you are coming and your name does not appear on this list, please send me an email.

Yama, Taka, Mathieu A, Andrew, James, Masa, Kosuke, Jerome, Mike, Philippe, Keith, Pablo, David, Hiro please try your best effort to come.

Cheers, Jeanphi

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