While Charlie, our captain will send a longer email later about Sunday’s game, here are a few words from my perspective.

Indeed, we lost the game last Sunday VS JINJA (score is something like 22-12)

Yes it is the fourth loss in a row but I want all of us to retain the positive and consider the progress:

– We were 19 for the game (participation is ok)

– Despite losing Frederic to a serious knee injury on Monday we could scramble a front row (thanks Lolo!)

– We had very good possession and improved our line-out and set pieces (scrum etc) where we were dominant

– We had some very good phases: first 15 min of the game (if not for the early try we conceded), the series of pick-and-go at the start of the second half and the final sequence which started from our own 22 to finish 4-5 phases later with a try with more than 9 different players getting their hands on the ball.

Of course, there are things to improve. We do not have the killer instinct or are sometimes a bit too naive (like on the try we conceded after misunderstanding and knock-on in the backs) but things are getting better.

The bottom line is that we are still on a learning curve, improving individually and as a team.

Of course, you can answer that the SHUTO League is getting to the end so it could feel too little, too late.

Still the SHUTO is not over yet: we have a very important game in 6 weeks VS TENTOMUSHI.

If we lose that, then this is Div. 2 next year. if we win it, then we will play playoff game to determine our fate.

6 weeks is a long shot away so please keep running and training and join us at the upcoming events:

– OZTAG tournament on Sat. 17 Nov.

– Test Game VS YCAC on Sun. 18 Nov.

– Team training a ARIAKE on Sun.2 Dec.

Last but not least, big up to Frederic who came to watch us from the stands on his crutches.

See you at training tonight for those going there.



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