Hi all, Following is the game and event schedule for the second part of the season put together by Kosuke. First game is Jan.19th. There is game every two weeks or so and a couple of events. In April, we also have a 4 team tournament organized by us. In late May as announced we are planning to go to Phuket to play 10s. We will start putting these events on Teamsnap and will remind you in advance but please take note if these dates and confirm your availability ASAP. See you soon and happy 2014 in advance! JANUARY -Jan Saturday 11th: First team training of 2014 at Ariake -Jan Sunday 12th: Shinenkai lunch at JP’s place (between Hiroo and Azabujuban) -Jan Sunday 19th; 1st game of 2014 VS Fuji club FEBRUARY -Feb Sunday 2nd; VS Kichijoji wild turkey -Feb Saturday 8th; VS Crusaders (night game same as Feb 2013) MARCH -Mar Sunday 2nd; VS Zenkai beers -Mar Sunday 16th; VS Warriors (intercode match/1st half union, 2nd half league) -Mar Saturday 22nd; Tokyo sevens (pool games) -Mar Sunday; 23rd; Tokyo sevens day 2 (finals) APRIL -Apr Sunday 6th; 4 nation cup match-1 (AF, Moccos, GG+Tento-mushi, Dandelions) -Apr Sunday 20th; 4 nation cup match-2 MAY -May Sunday 11th; 4 nation cup match-3 -May Saturday 17th; PENA FESTAYRE @ COMPTOIR OCCITAN -May Friday 23rd; Phuket 10’S -May Saturday 24th; Phuket 10’S -May Sunday 25th; Phuket 10’S JUNE -Jun Sunday 8th; TBA (last 15’S rugby union match of the season) -Jun Sunday 22th; 10’S match + BBQ JULY -Jul Sunday 6th; Shuto 10’S -End of season party: TBA

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