Hi team,
last week end game showed that we are still not prepared to fight with big teams, even if we try.
In the light of the last board meeting held last Friday, let me sum up what have been said.

1/ Recruitment:

Main priority for AFRC, quality and quantity in new players besides word-to-mouth, I think we have a good chance of recruiting if we are canvassing more the French or French speaking community (8000 French people around Tokyo area) through the French Association in Japan or other networks. In the same time, we should keep recruiting other nationalities, from Japanese to NZ, since AFRC has been and still is a “kokusai” team. To do that, every idea is welcome, here is a list so far, with attributions:

1.      – posters in the French High School –> JC & Domi
2.      – French Embassy –> JC & Steph (put posters, register the
3.      – Posters in French-speaking embassies —–> Steph
4.      – Japanese Universities (around Yokohama)—-> Sugihara-san, need somebody else ’cause he can’t cover them all

5.      – Civiweb —> Hugo

6.      – Kodokan —–> Domi; judo is a nice idea, since this sport is similar to rugby, same fighting spirit, it’s a good way to recruit strong guys

7.      – Metropolis / Tokyo Gaijins network ——> Steph
8.      – British Council / French Institute ——> Etienne

2/ Appointements in the board
here are the work that will have to be done, with names attached to it. The “coach” position has been divided by two, backs and forwards, to be more manageable.

1.      Backs: Etienne and Stephane => coordinators for recruiting, and gathering backs for a game

2.      Forwards: Lolo and Matthieu Vignaud => same than the backs, but for the big and slower guys

3.      Shuto: Alex Miroux + Benoit and Pierre => keep contact with the Shuto League (one of the most difficult job)

4.      Web: Etienne => managing the website + mailing list
5.      Finance: Lolo => managing the budget
6.      Friendly Games: Hiro => find some teams and organize friendly games with them
7.      AFJ: TBD => contact with AFJ on specific events, representative for AFRC
8.      Party/ Social: Hiro + Steph => plan some AFRC parties regularly; remember the master: “a good party is a cheap party”

9.      President: Matthieu R => overseeing, working the less possible

As you can see, a small group is doing all the work: it doesn’t have to be this way. If you feel you can do something, let us know.


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