Hi guys,like every year, I will order personalized All France game jerseys for those who dont have one yet. Why order a jersey?
– to show your support for the club and the guys running it
– to avoid laundry duties for same guys, as each one is responsible of its own jersey
– to have a jersey fit to your size, not 2XL for everybody
– to boast to your girlfriend
– to be part of the team

Now that you are convinced, here is the details:
1/ Price is 7500 yens (5000 yens for manufacturing, 2500 yens for the club).
2/ Subscriptions start today until beginning of Feb
3/ Shirts are "pro-fit"(=tight), any size is available. For example, Florian got a S, Lolo a M, Hiro a L, myself a XL, Benoit a 2XL
4/ Personalization can be number + kanjis or nicknames
5/ You can pay in cash to Bruno or anybody of the board, or directly by bank transfer to this.
三菱東京UFJ銀行 新丸の内支店

口座番号 4820657 普通
オールフランス ラグビークラブ Leroy Bruno
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Shin Marunouchi Office,
Account Number: 4820657
Name: All France Rugby Club Leroy Bruno

So send me a mail with:
a. size
b. personalization
c. method of payment

Thanks for your support,

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