Great victory yesterday (25-19, 5 tries to 3), I guess this game should be a reference for us, in term of rugby level, physical commitment and concentration. Even if we lead on the score the whole game, Dandelions were putting a big pressure on us, especially on the forwards. I was really please to see a really commitment in the tackle and stopping mauls. Our scrum with a brand new first row was even the strongest in the second half. Support was always there, and we manage very well to adjust the number of people involve according to their pressure : training is paying off!! The halves did a amazing job, balancing well the game, and to me, Taka is the MVP, creating a lot of opportunities and doing amazing kicks. We already forget the last one. Our new line out with 5 peoples – Sam throwing – was very performant as well. We should built on that. As usual, our backs line did great move with nice speed and skills. Defense was solid The thing that make me the most happy is that we kept this great level the whole game, also thx for JP coaching, without falling into self satisfaction or over confidence. No weak period. The other great thing is we still have a lot of room to improve!! IMPACT : They never really step back on our impact, with better positioning and speed we can do better. KEEPING THE BALL ALIVE : We should try next to keep the ball alive after impact, either by creating a maul or poping the ball. INSERTING FWD IN ATTACK LINE : we should get more people involve in the offensive phase. Let’s practice this on Thursday, and we also planning a training on May 3rd or 4th. Good game lads, otsukaresama! Lolo (AFRC captain)

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