Happy new year guys, a lot of you asked how to get custom game jerseys, so we plan to launch a group order at the end of January. By buying the jersey, you get to a/ have a nice fit jersey to avoid tackles (!!) b/ help the club with jerseys duties c/ get a souvenir d/ show your implication to the club.

Price is at 5500 JPY, cheaper than previous year since we asked for a membership fee for this season.

If you are interested, please send me: 1/ your size. FYI, Xavier is S, Greg is M, Andrew is a L, me an XL, K1-Ken is 2XL 2/ your number or Kanji(s) 3/ your custom name (on top of the number): nickname or else.

Please pay to JP, Bruno or me before 31st of Jan. No money, no jersey.

Waiting for your orders,

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