Hi team,
here is the June/July Calendar so far for AFRC:

– 7th of June (sun) rematch vs Metro ( to be confirmed)
– 14th of June (sun) rematch vs Acorn
– 28th of June (sun) friendly 10s tournament vs Gaijin and others
– 5th of July (sun) Peugeot Shuto 10s tournament

Please take 2 sec to fill out this doodle form on your estimated availibility http://www.doodle.com/6nbpesnxvwgmgq3d

In addition to this, Sugadaira tournament is held on the 11-12th of July, I don t think that AFRC will have enough people to join but some other teams (Jacks, Gaijins) might need you if you are OK. I will send the mail for Gaijins later.



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