Hi all,
good game last Sunday, we showed some aggressivity but took a lot of tries on counter attacks or 3rd attacks. This needs to be worked at the training, but only if some people are actually coming. Last week, there were only 6 people, let’s be there tonight http://strug.d2.r-cms.jp/location_detail/id=1 , if the skies allow us.
Here is the program until sept:
– 28 of June: friendly 10s tournament vs 2 Gaijins teams and Cru
– 5th of July: Shuto 10s tournament
– 12th of July: France national day: I would need a squad to make and sell some food/drinks at the party
– break (trainings are still running)
– beginning of Sept.: start of the Shuto League, THE competition for AFRC.

See you soon.


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