Resume du Match / Game Summary : AFRC – MOCCOSSU

A good win, an improved performance and some champagne rugby for our last game in the Shuto League

Dimanche 24 Octobre 2010, Terrain d’Akigase, Coup d’envoi à 15h, 2 mi-temps de 35 min

Sunday 24th of October, Akigase Ground, 3pm Kick Off, 2 x 35 Min

Final Score : AFRC 48 – 20 MOCCOSSU

Evolution du score/ Score evolution :

0-5 (3′ try MOCCOSSU- non converted try), 7-5 (8′ – Try Nicolas TANSEAU, conversion Matthieu DERYCKE), 12-5 (12′ – Try Andrew GRIHAM, non converted), 19-5 (18’- Try Florian de CHABOT, conversion Matthieu DERYCKE), 26-5 (25’- Try Ismael ISCO, conversion Matthieu DERYCKE), 31-5 (33’- Try Thomas BOINAY and half time score, not converted)

31-10 (37’’ try MOCCOSSU- non converted try), 36-10 (45’ try Isabu YAMAMOTO, non converted), 36-15 (50’ try MOCCOSSU- non converted try), 36-20 (60’ try MOCCOSSU- non converted try), 41-20 (65’ try Arthur LECOURT- non converted try), 48-20 (70’ try Isabu YAMAOTO- conversion Isabu YAMAMOTO).

Yellow cards: None

Equipe AFRC / AFRC players : Charlie BARLOW, Kousuke YAMAMOTO, Matthieu ROSENBERG (Cap), Matthieu VIGNAULT, Alexandre MIROUX, Arthur LECOURT, Andrew GRIHAM, Laurent SERENA, Thomas BOINAY (9), Matthieu DERICKE (10), Ishmael ISCO, Nicolas TANSEAU, Dan CONNOR, KAMIYA-san, Florian de CHABOT. Remplacants/Subs : Joseph HERBERT, Glen, Alex BOYER, Isabu YAMAMOTO,Alban FIDRY, Paul RENGADE, Benoit RENGADE, Xavier.

Head Coach: Damien MARTY, Coach assistant: Jean-Philippe ENDRES, tee-carrier: Nicolas RENGADE

Game summary

Our fate in the Shuto League was sealed prior to this game following a painful defeat to the Crusaders the previous week-end. But the rugby season does not stop with the SHUTO League and it was important for the AFRC players to bounce back and get a good result against the MOCCOSSU to finish the SHUTO League on a positive note. Also after improving our defense and especially our discipline in our last game VS the CRUSADERS, it was important to put an end to a try drought (last try scored by AFRC was against a weak FEVERS side on 24th of September…a month ago).

Soon it appeared that MOCCOSSU despite having lost its first 3 games in the SHUTO League were not here to play supporting cast and drew first blood in the opening 5 minutes by a quick blind side run which saw them cross the line and score the first try (0-5). AFRC players despite having been warned by Captain Matthieu and Head Coach Damien at warm up needed to wake up to avoid a severe disappointment against a team which yet had to record its first victory VS our side.

Fortunately enough, this try might have been the much needed wake-up call for the entire team. Forwards surged in the line-outs and the set pieces and the dominance in the rucks started to provide good ammo for our half backs to synchronize and launch our attacks.

On the 8th minute, a kick from the MOCCOSSU fly half did not find the touch but our Aussie right winger (Dan CONNOR) 15m in our own half. Dan started running up field in the defense havoc of the MOCCOSSU. He escaped two tackles and passed the ball to ISCO on his left who gained another 20 m before being tackled. Dan had followed up and after another good off load from Isco, Dan came within 10 m of the try line. Second center Nicolas had followed the entire move and was running close to Dan. As Dan ran out of gas and was being tackled he was able to make the inside pass to Nicolas who went to score between the posts. What a sequence! Matthieu converted the try. AFRC 7-5 MOCCOSSU. (note: Dan was replaced about 10-15 minutes later as he quite nearly recovered this literally “breath taking” sequence J)

The AFRC storm was coming at MOCCOSSU in all parts of the pitch and with the AFRC aggressive defense, more than once, MOCCOSSU was put on the back foot. MOCCOSSU lost quite some ammo both in the line-outs and the scrums. Our line outs were way improved compared to our previous outings. In the scrums Thomas BOINAY was able to deliver quick balls to Matthieu DERYCKE to launch and vary our attacks (Skip 1, Skip 2, Winger)

On the 12th minute, Matthieu DERYCKE kicked an up-and-under. The ball was collected by the MOCCOSSU full back 30m away from their own try line and in the center of the field. Under the pressure of our chasing pack and centers, the AFRC forwards picked up the ball in the ruck.

As our 2 centers were in the ruck, Alex MIROUX and Andrew GRIHAM started going wide on the left in our offensive line. Our scrum half Thomas passed the ball to Florian our full back who passed it to our 2nd line Alexandre. Alexandre was able to offload it to our left winger (Kamiya-san) who then saw that Andrew on the left wing was in a one on one position with 15 m to go. Andrew got the ball, fenced off his last opponent (with a nice tap on the shoulder) and went to score his first try for AFRC in what was a superb collective effort. Matthieu did not convert the try. (AFRC 12– 5 MOCCOSSU)

That sequence where Alex and Andrew went into the line was the one thing that Coaches and Captain had insisted at warm up: look at our offensive line and numbers before getting yourself into the rucks.

The third try was scored on the 18th minute by Florian de CHABOT between the posts after a successful sequence between forwards and the backs in the MOCCOSSU’s 22. Try converted by Matthieu DERYCKE (AFRC 19-5 MOCCOSSU).

Seven minutes later, on another line-out well taken by AFRC forwards the ball was quickly ejected to the opposite wing where Ishmael worked his magic, fenced and ankle broke 3 defenders on his way to scoring a 45m try. Matthieu converted the try (AFRC 26-5 MOCCOSSU).

AFRC was really dominant in that period and MOCCOSSU was only left with scrums despite their efforts. The forwards of AFRC were also deeply involved in the ground gained to establish the platform for the backs. Iron KOSUKE charged down the field on a number of occasions (he even got penalized for a high elbow while fending off a MOCCOSU player!).

On the 32’, there was another big line break and Ismael was going to get his 2nd try of the day but the MOCCOSSU defense got to him 1m away from the try line. While Ishmael was able to offload the ball to Matthieu DERYCKE coming at full speed, the latter committed a knock on while being tackled. It started to be a bit tough for MOCCOSSU and they thought they were going to get to the half without being hit once again. Unfortunately for them, on the following scrum the scrum half made a poor pass and our ever opportunistic and hunting scrum half Thomas got to it first to score the 5th try of AFRC on the day (and his 2nd personal try this season). Referee whistled half time shortly after. (AFRC 31-5 MOCCOSSU)

At half-time, coach Damien, captain Matthieu and “taulier” Lolo insisted on keeping our heads together, our discipline and staying focused. A new game was going to being for the 2nd half and we also needed to win that one. MOCCOSU might have just thought the same: despite being lead by as many as 26 pts at half, MOCCOSSU did not let go and hit back in the opening minute of the 2nd half with another quick ball sent to their left winger (AFRC 31-10 MOCCOSSU).

AFRC got its rugby ways on track again and the forwards made very good progress on the mauls and the rucks, depriving MOCCOSU of opportunities. Tackles were often sending their players back a few meters and they could not play out wide.

On the left wing, our valiant captain Matthieu Rosenberg picked up the ball from a MOCCOSSU ruck and was tackled about 10m away from their try line. After a series of rucks and 1 or 2 pick and go, Isabu YAMAMOTO who had come on the pitch as a replacement of Matthieu DERYCKE with Thomas BOINAY sliding to the fly half position, scored the try between the legs of Captain Matthieu!

Try was not converted by Ishmael who had taken kicking duties after Matthieu left the pitch.


In the following 15 minutes, Coach Damien started to sub-in and sub-out players. Soon enough with some players being hit and almost K-O’ed (Thomas and Nico), it turned out to be a musical chair for the fly-half position (Matthieu, Thomas, Isco, Nico…). The quality of the game was not as good as in the first 50 minutes and MOCCOSSU took this opportunity to score 2 tries in the space of 10 minutes. AFRC 36-15 MOCCOSSU on 50’, AFRC 36-20 MOCCOSSU on 60’. Fortunately enough, none of those tries was converted therefore the game was not too much in jeopardy. Still, there was another 10 minutes to play and AFRC players could not satisfy themselves with the “scrappy play of the last 10 minutes” to quote the exact words of experience and respected front row Charlie BARLOW.

All France tightened the defense and tried to play more simply. We got the game under control as always through a great performance of our forwards in the set pieces. On the 65th minute, the forwards were able to share a bit of the try frenzy when Arthur LECOURT went across the line after a maul. AFRC 41-15 MOCCOSSU

Last but not least, on the last scrum of the game with introduction for MOCCOSSU, Yama (Isabu YAMAMOTO) picked up the ball and went to score unchallenged between the posts. He converted his own try. Final Score AFRC 48-20 MOCCOSSU.

Despite this large victory and the offensive bonus point (4 tries or more), we will finish at the 3rd spot of our group and will not qualify for the playoff semi-finals.

-Ishmael ISCO was named player of the game by the MOCCOSSU.

-Andrew GRIHAM was named player of the game by the members of AFRC’s ExCo who were at the game (Dan and Yama also got votes)

Here below please find the updated AFRC award tables (top 10).

DEL GALLO Stephane 19 ISCO Ishmael 28 ISCO Ishmael 5 LECOURT Arthur 5
ENDRES Jean Philippe 17 DERYCKE Matthieu 23 LECOURT Arthur 4 ISCO Ishmael 4
BARDIES Gregory 13 LECOURT Arthur 20 BOINAY Thomas 2 SERENA Laurent 3
ROSENBERG Matthieu 13 YAMAMOTO Isabu 12 YAMAMOTO Isabu 2 De RYCKE Matthieu 2
LEROY Bruno 12 BOINAY Thomas 10 HERBERT Joseph 1 GRIHAM Andrew 2
BATISSE Dominique 11 HERBERT Joseph 5 De RYCKE Matthieu 1 DAUTEL Vincent 1
KOSHI Hirotaka 11 BARDIES Gregory 5 BARDIES Gregory 1 BOINAY Thomas 1
DIEU William 11 TANSEAU Nicolas 5 GRIHAM Andrew 1 Le PACK 1
DERYCKE Matthieu 11 de CHABOT Florian 5 TANSEAU Nicolas 1 CONNOR Dan 1
LECOURT Arthur 10 GRIHAM Andrew 5 de CHABOT Florian 1 YAMAMOTO Isabu 1
1 pt for each participation to nb of points scored during games nb of tries scored during games Nb of votes granted by AFRC’s ExCo
training, games, official parties present a the game

Note: does not include 21 Oct. training

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