Hi boys,with Bruno, we compile some interesting statistics on our 15 games played this season 2009-2010 (my comments are in italic).
Bottom line is: we are improving, especially from the disastrous 2008-2009 campaign, so let’s keep up the pace.

1/ Games played: 15. Win: 7 Lost:8
Points scored: 300 Points conceded: 320
Obviously, our objective during the next season is to reach a positive ratio of points and win/lost. FYI, we lost 3 of our games by less than 10 points.

2/ Number of tries scored: 49
Best try scorer: 1/ Yuji Satoh (6 tries) 2/ Dan (4 tries) 3/ Steph, Charlie & Isco (3 tries each)
Not surprisingly, there is a lot of scorers in All France (joke), everybody had the chance to score once during this season.

3/ Best overall scorer: Mathieu Derycke with 61 points
Since Mathieu is kicking every conversions, he is the best scorer. But we must have another reliable kicker if Mathieu fails (Stephane, I am looking at you).

4/ Best attendance and Iron Man 2009-2010: 1/ Kosuke Yamamoto (15 games) 2/ ex aequo Charlie & captain Matt (13 games)
Congrats to Kosuke who made it for every game of the season. Only regular attendance will allow us to build a backbone in this team, and you know that it is essential if we want to raise our level.

Thanks for your support throughout the year. See you end of August for the pre-season trainings.

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