Hi boys,
AFRC is meeting AJJ, a strong team in the Katsushika League, this sunday the 2nd of March.

Kick off: 12h30
Meeting: 10h45 in Shin-Shibamata Station 新柴又駅 (Asakusa Line) 
How to go: you have to board the Asakusa Line and continue after the last stop (Oshiage). After the last stop, the train is still running but the name of the line changes (welcome to Japan). I will board the train in Higashi Ginza at 10:15 but find your best route (in English) with Jorudan

Important: since it’s such a pain in the *** to carry those bags everywhere, from now on, bring your own shorts and socks to every game

Mail me ASAP.

Matthieu R

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