Hi guys,
first, a few words on the aftermath of our game vs Turkeys which was stopped by the ref on the 19th. Quickly:
– we worked out the issues with Turkeys and the ref: both teams will get penalized and will be treated as they were forfeiting the game (defeat 0-50).
– it’s a shame because we could have and should have won this game, we will have to cover our losses in the future games.
– seeing the game report, we conceited 8 penalties vs 2 for Turkeys, because most of the time we were too slow to back out 10 meters, hence another 10m in our face. This must change: if you are late to come back, don’t tackle.
– about the ref: because of the rugby rules, the ref, whatever his skills, generally favorites the attacking team, so we have to 1/keep ball possession while attacking 2/get our hands on the ball while defending.

OK, so next game is vs the leader of the 2nd division, AJJ. They are not big but a really skilled and drilled team, and we are not suppose to be of some opposition for them. It’s your time to prove them wrong.

Meeting is the same than on the 19th, at 13h15 at Musashi Urawa Station 武蔵浦和駅 on the Saikyo Line 埼京線.
Kick off is at 15h20 at Akigase ground.

Send me a mail with YES, no other answer will be accepted 😉



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