For those who know AJJ, a tough game was to be expected: they are the uncontested leaders of the division, they just entered the Shuto League this season and they are aiming at the first place of the first division. Their record was so far impressive, with at least 60 points gathered at each game (88-0 vs Turkeys). Last time we met them, in February, they completely beat us by a score I am too ashamed to write.

Nevertheless, we stood up this time and played a much better rugby than before, confirming the improvement since the beginning of the shuto league. Despite the loss 38-14, I think everybody got the feeling that we did our best against a stronger opponent. They came for an easy win but we didn’t make their job easy. Here what I gathered.

1/ Need to improve:
– FITNESS: like always. They scored tries on their third or fourth attack, because our defense was tired and not in position. Plus they were 22 guys, and we were 17.
– Line-outs: We have to get more time to work on the line-outs, we lost 2 on 3 on our balls

2/ Points improved since the last game:
– Penalties: great effort on penalties, no contesting the ref and run back 10 m ASAP, great discipline
– Combat on open mauls and rucks: we were always looking to grab the ball, it made AJJ attacks more difficult, as the AJJ captain said at the end of the game.
– Attendance: more and more players coming, keep on like this.

3/ Good points:
– like our games since the beginning of September, we scored first, which is decisive as we put the pressure and feel a boost of morale.
– good scrums, no lost balls, took one or two of their. Keep in mind that the new rugby rules has reinforced the importance of the scrum as a great attack platform

Now is the time for the final push in our last two remaining games, vs Dandelions on the 9th and vs Moccossu on the 16th. Be there.


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