Dear teammates, great anniversary week, thanks for being there. This month we have 2 games, on Saturday 7th and Sunday 15th, in a mini-cup we call “4 nations cup”. We are representing France, the Cru. the NZ, Godamns for Japan, and US Navy for… USA. We will play at the Navy base down south of Yokohama. US Navy guys are really friendly and usually include beer + US BBQ afterwards.

Meeting is at 13h15 at Jinmuji Station (Keikyu Line) 神武寺駅 (京急線). It is next to Zushi.

IMPORTANT: it is a US base so: 1/ you need a valid ID (passport, gaijin card…) 2/ I need to register you in advance, so reply ASAP to this email 3/ we need to get inside altogether, so no late people

Please answer quickly to this email with YES/NO/MAYBE.


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