France is in semi-finals, it was a great game and it will be another one against England.
But, the following day, we have a REAL rugby game against Dandelions. Do a 10 hours nap the day before, I don’t care, but be in shape at 10am, Musashi Urawa Station (Saikyo Line).

You have to board the Saikyo Line who goes through Ebisu, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro to Musashi Urawa. Here is the time table to arrive at 9:59 in Musashi:
Ebisu: leaves at 9h23
Shibuya: 9h26
Shinjuku: 9h31
Ikebukuro: 9h37
Musashi Urawa: 9h59

IMPORTANT: we are again toban (=have to set up the ground) for this game (last one), and I need somebody with a car to pick up the tools far away from the ground.

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