Bonjour everyone,
Game vs Jacks is at the Yanokuchi Ground, South West of Tokyo on the Tamagawa River, next to JR Yanokuchi Station on the JR Nanbu Line.
The ground (and other grounds we use regularly) are located on a special Google Map, located on the right side of this page.
The map can be also be used to find the best way possible (click on “get directions” after you clicked on the ground name).

Meeting is at 12h30 at Yanokuchi Station, Kick off is at 14h00
2 ways to go:
1 /You can go through the Toyoko Line to Musashi Kosugi and change to the Nanbu Line
2/ From Shinjuku, get to Chofu on the Odakyu Line, then to Station Keio Indada Tsutsumi, then Yanokuchi.

I have roughly 13 players so far, now is the time to get back to me wit a YES.


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