Hi lads,
great rugby yesterday against the Jacks: after a deceiving first half when the Minpo guys were in charge, 10 AFRC players went into the game and the game just turned out completly. Heavy in attack, imperial in scrums, the back line mastered by Graham showed some great speed and agressivity. We were dominating and managed to score three tries against one (very lucky) in the second half.

The next opponent is Zenkai Beers, a familiar team. The place is the same than Sunday, Akigase Ground, and kick off is at 14h00.
Meet at 12h00 sharp at JR Musashi Urawa Station 武蔵浦和 on the JR Saikyo Line 埼京線
I will be away this week so don’t wait for the reminder to send me a Yes/No/Maybe with your availibility.

Important thing: Friday the 3rd is my birthday so I think we could meet at the Black Lion pub in Meguro around 20h to share a few drinks…



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