All France vs Zenkai Beers, November 22nd 2015
Win 43 – 29

17 guys came on a warm Sunday to play All France final game of the Shuto league season vs Zenkai beers. We won by this game by a 14 points margin, 7 tries to All France vs 5 for the opponents.

The game actually did not start well : the first 10 minutes were all Zenkai and they score no less than 2 tries. All France players were not able to get possession of the ball but once we finally got it, we kept on scoring tries thanks to our back line and especially Super Ryo (3 tries out of 4 unanswered tries, in no less than 15 minutes. Fumio being the other scorer).

Same momenutum remained in the second half : our forwards were gaining crucial balls, overpowering them in the ruck and at the breaddowns, Space opened in Zenkai defence and our backs made full use of it. 3 additional tries  were scored in the first 17 minutes of the second half (Ryo, (every body saw the knock on but the referee) Max and Matsumura san). Later part of the game, our bodies were losing some stamina while zenkai beers, out of pride I would say, regained some control of the game and score the last 2 tries of the game.

Final Score 43 -29 (referee was nice enough not to award last minutes conversion from Zenkai beers, god knows why).

Many good news for this game
– All France was able to recover from the poor start in a very cool & structured fashion
– Dan won 200 JPY for his bet Ryo would be the first scorer
– On top of our scoring machine (Super Ryo*4), we got other try scorers on the board + different styles (wing try, intereception, forward like try)
– Our line out was well secured (all our line out secured but 1 not straight throw. One line won from opponents)
– All players were fit and into the game.
– Very few missed tackles (congratulation to Erwan + Kazu in particular)
– No game lost under Florian captain – Keep the pace!

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