Hi boys,
well deserved win over Moccossu 46-7 last Saturday, Moccossu were not at their brightest but not a long time ago, the score would have been 25-15. This time, we did the job and we did it well, congrats.
Bruno "Statistics" Leroy was not here so I don’t have the exact list for try-scorer: in my mind, it was: 2 (or 3) by Yuji Satoh, 2 by Nico, 1 by Dan, 1 by Steph Durin, 1 by Matt D.

Quick analysis:
– almost everybody was on time so we had time to practice combinations in the back line + all together. The backline scored every try, so it does not need a genius to tell you there is a relation there.
– a good scrum gives us a good start= "no scrum no win"
– line-outs were not perfect, but the wind was strong
– attack/defense on 2nd and 3rd phase was better, keep on working on that.

Next game is on Sunday 25th vs US Navy: there are big boys but they don’t know how to play; strategy is: open to the wing + chip-kick.
See you on trainings this Thursday (Takadanobaba) + Saturday (Tatsumi).



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