AFRC Board Meeting Notes – 4rth of Dec 2007 – 20h00, Cafe Renoir, Shibuya



Matthieu Rosenberg (club president)
Alex Miroud (Shuto League representative)
William Pitlewski (club social organiser)
Toru Higashi Construction League representative)
Yuuji Takaku (Shuto League representative)
Michael Scott
Etienne Picard
Aurelien Roux
Hirotaka Koshi



1/ Shuto results, team management

2/ Budget

3/ Tours, Miscellanous



1/ Shuto results and team management

This season was not good since we lost nearly all our games in the League Despite some good games at the beginning, we lost momentum and we were not able to compete against average opposition.
One of the main reason for these losses is that nearly 30% of the team today compete last year: a lot of players are injured or went abroad, which is seriously undermining our team. The other reason is that there were not enough players to come, especially at the last games: we need to be at least 20 to be able to manage tired and injured players during the game.

In order to face with these problems, the board planned 3 steps:

  • close ties with the US Navy team: we are still talking with US Navy team manager, Andy, about forming a combined team since they are facing recruitment problems too.

  • working on a more regular calendar, which would be 2 games per month, every 2 weeks, from September to June. In order to fill the gap during winter, we are planning to join the Katsushika League next year (2009). From this year 2008, we might be able to replace Shinjuku Jacks on three specific games. A Calendar is updated regularly on the website.

  • working on team binding and team spirit: tours, social activities (parties, outdoor activities) and help form the old players.

The board hopes that these measures will commit the old and new players to the team, and that the reults will improve in 2008.

2/ Budget

As promised, Peugeot provided us their sponsorship so the club finances are afloat. Part of the money will go to pay the new jerseys, the rest in the bank for future expenses like registration, ground fees… Since we are not sure that Peugeot will support us for the next year, we have to find others ways of financing:

  • selling jerseys: for the players, we are thinking about a bundle fee which will cover the jersey cost, insurance, and registration fee in order to support the club for one year. Contacted by phone, Pierre agreed to deal with that matter.

  • organizing parties where we rent the place, serve food and drinks, and entertain the place, with T-shirts to sell or other goodies, loto. William and Hiro will look for it.

Any other way is possible, but we have to consider it now before we end up with no money to run the club.

3/ Tours, miscellaneous

Usually, AFRC is doing one tour every year, within the country or outside. Since we’ve been to Guam and Bangkok in the last few years, we are looking for another destination for 2008. A tour in Tochigi is planned but only from April due to winter conditions. Chris Jennings and Matt Rosenberg are planning the tour in Tochigi.

Alex Miroud was wondering about creating an « active members » mailing list, ie people who are available for games throughout the season. Alex also suggested to organise some « retired players dinner », a way to meet gather different generations of the same club.

Antoine Roux and Hirotaka Koshi were asking about more advices for new players like them, especially about what they are ought to do at their specific positions. Talking about coaching, we need players on the pitch but also outsiders to help us to coach; Pierre is doing it at the moment but might not be available for the next year, so we need older players or injured players to come, support and help.


Meeting ends at 21h30.


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