happy new year to you all. I’m confident that AFRC will show a renewed spirit for this year. As a matter of fact, Pierre received the new jerseys, I hope it will be the beginning of a new page.
Quickly, some important news regarding games and trainings.

1/ Games
Shinjuku Jacks introduced us to the Katsushika League, which runs from January to March. This year, we will share games with Jacks, they have three, we have two. If everything runs smoothly, we will get full five games next year.
So, to sum up our games until April is:

Jan. 27: friendly vs NYK (though team, need to be prepared)
Feb. 3: vs Dasewa (Kats League)
March 2nd: vs AJJ (Kats League)
March 9th: vs YCAC (friendly, but I’d definitely like to win it)
2/ Trainings
We can’t use the Sophia ground until beginning of April, so the Zenkai managed to secure 8 min walk from Idabashi station (exit C2), named Oishikawa training ground 小石川運動場
Important: unlike the previous ground, this one is booked for only five times (but there is showers!!):
January 16 and 23
February 6
March 12 and 26

As you can see, winter is a little slow here but if you are in a need of exercise, YCAC or Jacks have some games too and always need some support. For now, let’s focus on those games and win them!!!

3/ Shinnenkai, Ski
Don’t forget the shinnenkai, Hiro is organizing it with William so mail him ASAP for Friday the 18th.
For those interested, Rougerie is willing to gather up some people to go skiing, mail him.

Happy new year, let’s have a great season.


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