Ok Ok, sorry everyone, and first of all sorry Kosuke. Big misunderstanding, we will stick with original plan at HUB EBISU. For those interested: By then there were only 5 positive answers and Kosuke told me that HUB was more strict on deal and no-shows (still have to pay for food etc). So I did not want anybody to complain, Kosuke or anybody because they had to pay etc. or people did not come. So I thought it would be better to watch the game at Legends but since Kosuke has made a booking we have to stick to the plan and everybody who said they were coming should come. Thanks Kosuke for the organization and thanks everyone for letting him know if you are coming. Kosuke, please confirm at EBISU HUB and inform everyone meeting time. So far (7):Dan, Ryo, Kosuke, Hiro, Ben, Steph, Nico Maybe: Falgoux family x 3 or 4

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