Hi team,
first, congratulations on the turnout yesterday, we were nearly 34 on the training under the blazing heat, our new record !!! I am confident that everybody will do his best to secure a position in the starting team, thus improving the global level. Our first game will be vs Shinjuku Jacks: we know this team and we know they will try to play with every ball, even from their own 22m. So the 2 keywords for Sunday are: DEFENSE and AGGRESSIVE.

Meeting is at 12h00 at Musashi Urawa Station 武蔵浦和駅 on the JR Saikyo Line.

Ground is Akigase Ground, our ground throughout the whole Shuto League. Kick off will be at 14h30.

So far:
JeanPhi, Damien, JC, Matt R, Kosuke, Charlie, New Alex, Matt R, Yama, Benoit, Steph, Matt V, William, Miroux, Lolo, Dan, Greg, Arthur, Andrew, Ishmael, Math Derycke, Thomas and others

Remember: Tuesdays runs with Steph near Tokyo Tower, Thursdays drills with Bruno.

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