Hi lads, Well done on a well fought game yesterday. I heard you spent the later part of the 2nd half defending the AFRC try line after taking an early lead. At the end your commitment and tackles made the difference and also the fact that you could convert 3 of the 5 tries (BAKU did not convert any!). So well done. We remain unbeaten so far in SHUUTO and have even bonus points for scoring 4 tries on each occasion. We have one more game to play in two weeks VS NO SIDE before we move into the playoffs. It is important to keep the pace and momentum and prepare this game without letting our foot off the gas. Here is the score evolution taken down by Erwan “Coach on the day”. *AFRC Matsumura (6min) 5-0 Kazu did not convert *Bakutoclover (10min) 5-5 Not converted *AFRC Kota (14min) 10-5 Kazu +2 , 12-5 *AFRC Matsumura (20min) 17-5 Kazu +2, 19-5 *Bakutoclover (24min) 19-10 Not converted *AFRC Max (32min) 24-10 Kazu +2, 26-10 *Bakutoclover (35min) 26-15 Not converted Half time (35min), score 26-15 *AFRC Ryo (47min) 31-15 Victor did not convert *Bakutoclover (50min) 31-20 Not converted *Bakutoclover (55min) 31-25 Not converted *Ful time (70min) AFRC 31- 25 BAKU* 5 tries each but AFRC converted 3 tries! Thanks to all players who came includig Yas, Hisa and Lawrence who could not get any playing time since it was raging war on the field in the end. Guys, do not worry you will play in the upcoming games. We always reward commitment on the filed and at training. For stats, Ryo is now moving ahead of VICTOR with 7 tries. but Victor is now ahead of Lawrence for Iron Man Award. Votes for MVP are being collected. we will keep you posted. Cheers and well done. *PS: *training is ON on Thursday at TAKADANOBABA from 7 to 9pm.

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