Despite a rainy and really early day with a meeting at 7:30AM at Katsushika, the board want to thank all the players who showed up for this game and fought well on this day.
The team only had 16 players available for the game and we even managed to break one 5 minutes before the game ( Greets to Ras … take care friend).
We knew that Yellow Backs had a strong defense and a quick attack, and that’s definitely what happened. All France did not have many occasions to get through their defense line and when we did, the ball being slippery, we couldn’t finish on the try line.
But that didn’t seem to stop our opponents who where able to put down 2 tries before the half-time even with the strong defense from All France, nothing to be ashamed of.
On the second half, we tried to be more aggressive on the forwards and we can thank Maxime and the rest of the forwards for this. Being short of substitutes and to the exhaustion from running on a wet ground didn’t let us express our strength and our adversaries were able to push us to our try line and score.
But we have to thank Ryo ( as always ) for this try after a strong forward team play which saved us from a null score.
It’s hard to lose and even more to end up with injuries for some, but we have a game on this coming Sunday versus Zenkai Beers waiting for us to WIN ! All France !


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