Hi team,
tough game vs YCAC yesterday, we lost 28-12 but it was a great game.
We started pretty good, YCAC was stuck in their 22m by our aggressive defense for 15 min. It’s a shame we did not score during that time, partly because of bad line-outs, and I think I am responsible for that. So if anyone who wants to replace me, be my guest… After 20 min, we hit some low point which allowed them to score one try. We went back at them by scoring a try from a scrum in their 10m, but they managed a second try before half-time. In the beginning of the second half, we were not here because they scored two easy and stupid tries. We finally put ourselves back in the game in the last 10 mins, attacking and attacking from their 10m line. They put down the “barbeles”, some aggressive but sloppy defense which allowed us 4 or 5 penalties. The last two were converted into scrums because it seemed that YCAC, as big as they were, couldn’t manage to get their scrum in order. At the end, our flamboyant number 8 scored the final try while the referee was pretending not to have seen the nonexistent knock on he did when he picked up the ball. That is me, if you are wondering.
Special thanks to the Gaijin who were a great help.
Next game is on the Saturday 28th vs Navy, probably in Yokosuka.

Don’t forget, order AND payment until the end of the month, 7500 yens. How to order is here
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