All France won 12-10 against Fuji Club yesterday. Well done, lads! Well done because we won, well done because that wasn’t easy! I’m especially happy because our weak point last game became our strong point this game. We had a very flat defense line, with third row correctly involved. But if we want to win again, against good team, we have many other stuff to correct : 10 meters back on penalty : We deserve that yellow card. Ref. warned us many times. Every time the ref whistles a penalty against us ALL THE PLAYERS MUST GO BACK 10 M BACK. The touch judge is showing us where the 10 m line is. THERE IS NO POINT TO TRY TO UNDERSTAND OR ARGUE why the ref. whistled, the only smart thing to do is go 10 m back right away. We can discuss after the penalty is played. GO BACKWARD, FACING THE OPPONENT so you can position yourself better. Line Out : We haven’t really improved in that field. We were ok with the starting team, but it get all messy when subs. enter. ALL THE PLAYERS SHOULD KNOW THE CALL.If you don’t, ask me or Kosuke. ALL THE FORWARD SHOULD BE ABLE TO JUMP (except 1st row) AND LIFT. Attack : We have also to support and re-position ourselves during the attacking phases. Similar to what we do in defense. We cannot just look and wish for the winger to score. WE HAVE TO ANTICIPATE SUPPORT AND SECOND PHASE If we keep our good flat, dense defense line and fix these, we will win more game, against better teams. Now we know we have a real potential, we had some amazing phases. We need to control our emotions and built from here. We are one step away… Last, I really wants to thank all of you (even JH who couldn’t play, sorry mate), because I had a blast yesterday! I want some more! Stay fit, come to the training Thursday and be ready for Sunday!

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