Hi team,the Shuto League is our major competition of the year, everybody in the team must do their best to attend to the following games and trainings.
This year, trainings will be organized like this:
– Tuesdays: run
– Thursdays night: physical condition + drills
– Saturdays (when no game the following day): tactical & combinations, game plays
Please make Saturday you priority, and work your physical condition on your own. If you need advices, please contact Damien, Steph or myself.

So the calendar
– Saturdays 14th, 21, 28th of August: Pre-season trainings
– Friday 27th of August: Kick off party
– Sunday 5th of Sept: training game, oppo TBD
– Sunday 12th of Sept: 1st Shuto game vs Shinjuku Jacks
– Sunday 3rd of Oct: 2nd game vs Olivers
– Sunday 17th of Oct: 3rd game vs Crusaders
– Sunday 24rth of Oct: 4th game vs Moccossu
– Sunday 14rth of Nov: game
– Sunday 28th of Nov: game
– Friday 10th of Dec: Bonenkai
– Sunday 12th of Dec: game
Restart around 15th of Jan

These dates are the important ones, please be available for them. See you at the trainings.

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