Hello all,

Unfortunately despite my many emails and follow-ups, only 13 guys turned up on Sunday for our game VS MOCCOSSU (it was 16 on Saturday but only 13 on Sunday morning). MOCOSSU had a full squad.

Eventually we played 13 vs 14 (sentence for not being enough was to play one man down).

The AFRC 13 were:

Front row: Toru, Kosuke, Jerome

Second row: Hiro, Jeanphi

Third row: Erwan, Philippe Miquel

Halves: Yama (S), Matthieu Derycke(H),

Backs: Matthieu Aveline, Xavier Lerin, Dan, Kazu Kamiya

The 13 brave guys of All France held the fort and even took the lead 10 min into the second half (score was AFRC 19-12 MOCOSSU then) but eventually, we ran out of gas with no subs and one man down compared to a MOCOSSU side that was playing a fast pace under a scorching sun. they ran in 3 tries with gaping holes in our defense.

I should not have to do that but I would like to thank the 13 players who said they would come and who did come on Sunday.

It is the second time that we have a poor turnout (after the game VS NAVY). As a matter of fact, our reputation is suffering. We might be Div.2 champions but teams might start laughing at us again if we do not show a better attitude and commitment.

We will play in first division in September and we can only hope to stay in 1st division if we play rugby together.

I know the season is long but when you say you are coming please do so. It is a matter of respect and discipline. We are not asking you to come every week to games and training, we simply ask you to fill in the DOODLE survey and tell us whether you are coming or not. We cannot run a team without adequate planning. Most of you answered Doodle and emails but the difference is those that did not and those who dropped out in the last minute.

So please please, answer the Doodle survey and please check that the information is up to date.

Every COMEX member is in charge of a few AFRC players and on game weeks, they will contact you individually for those that did not answer Doodle.

Looking ahead,

Friday 8th of June: Matthieu Rosenberg and Philippe Miquel sayonara party (details to be announced)

[18 YES] so far: Erwan, Toru, Bruno, Kosuke, Matt R, Hisa, Philippe M, Hiro, Matt A, Mike, Yama, Fred Bessy, Matt D, Charlie, Masa, Yuji Satoh, James, Jeanphi.

Sunday 10th of June: AFRC vs DANDELIONS test game. Last Game for Matthieu and Philippe before they leave JAPAN.

[18 YES] so far: Erwan, Toru, Bruno, Kosuke, Matt R, Hisa, Philippe M, Jerome, Hiro, Vincent, Mike, Andrew, Yama, Dan, Charlie, Masa, Philippe W, James, Jeanphi.

[10 MAYBE]

Please check the doodle survey and answer ASAP.




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