Hi guys, please note that Akigase ground is not available so we will play at Toda-Koen ground (same direction but closer to Tokyo), 15 min walking from*Toda-Koen Station 戸田公園駅 on the Saikyo Line 斎京線. * This is where we played our last All France Cup game in late May-June (yes, it is a shitty ground)

*Meeting is at 12h00 at the station. * *Be on time because we have 15 min walk from the station and it is really difficult to explain to latecomers.*

For those who go by car, ground is here http://www.kddi-rugby.com/access_arakawa-kasenjiki.html

Numbers so far: *Forwards*: Kosuke, Charlie, Matt R, Ken, Alex M, Andrew, Toru, Joe *Backs*: Dan,


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