Hi everyone,

Urayasu 10s Tournament is coming up. This is the official tournament organized by Shuto league, so please consider participating as a top priority. and also it will be the last game of the season before the summer break!!

Here are some details;

Date: Sunday July 1st Location: Takasu Ground, Urayasu in Chiba

Opening ceremony starts at 9:15 First game for AFRC: 9:50 kick off Jersey colour: black and white

Meeting place and time will be announced soon.

First, please let me know your availability as soon as possible! http://doodle.com/n8aqd6d2ch9xr333

For players who would like to order lunchbox for the tournament, please let me know by *Sunday 24th June*. yuki.ish0315@gmail.com

Thank you. Have a nice evening. Yuki

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