I know you guys are keen to hear what happened last weekend with the
game at YCAC so here is a simple summary.

Basically, we scraped up about 16 or 17 players in the end – a lot of
guys got new players out but they all did pretty well. As expected,
the Gents came out guns blazing and had us pinned down in our 22 for
most of the first half. We did our best but gave up about four tries.

Things turned in the second half – we picked up at the end of the
first half that it was better to tap and run with the ball at every
chance rather than risk losing the ball in scrums and lineouts, and we
started to apply pressure as they began to tire. We scored a great
push over maul try at the start of the second half, scored by Matt,
and then had a new and very able No. 8 Naomichi bulldoze over the
tryline for a second try taken from a quick tap penalty.

We were clawing back into the game, when the Gents decided it was time
to bring on their “substitutes”, also known as the YCAC No. 1 Team
players… That pretty much halted our charge back (it was a shame
because it was turning into a decent game) and the YCAC guys managed
to shut us down in the final quarter and score two tries back – it all
ended up about 6 tries to 2.

It was good though – the new forwards played well together, and the
backs even put on some nice moves at times – easier with the YCAC
geriatric defence rather than rushing Japanese backline defenses.
Hopefully we can build on that for the next all important game against



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