Good start for the AFRC rugby team with a convincing victory: 24-14
1st game of the Shuto League under a burning sun for 20 players of the ALL FRANCE Rugby team playing against the Moccossu.
Team players:
Props: Dominique and Joe,
Hooker: Kousuke,
Locks: Simon and Olivier,
Flankers: Laurent and Fabien,
Nr8 and captain: Matthieu
Scrum half: Teru,
Fly half: Graham,
Centers: Dan and Stephane,
Wingers: Little Alex and Romain,
Full Back: Yuji
Substitutes: Alex Miroux, Benoit, Nicolas, Andy, Cyril, Sanada-san
Score evolution:
7mns: AFRC 5-0 Try by Yuji – Conversion missed by Stephane
17mns: AFRC 5-7 Try by Moccossu – Converted
21 mns: AFRC 5-14 Try by Moccossu – Converted
34 mns: AFRC 12-14 Try Yuji – Converted by Fabien
Half time: 12-14
44 mns: AFRC 19-14 try Graham – Conversion by Graham
51 mns: AFRC 24-14 try Yuji – Conversion missed by Graham
Full time: 24-14
Comments from Matthieu ROSENBERG, captain and Bruno LEROY, coach
Strong start from AFRC who scored quickly.
But soon it appears that the Moccossu appeared fitter than us, and from the 15 mns to the 30 mns, the pressure was on us. Our opponents scored twice to lead by 14 to 5. Above all, no defense was present during the 2nd try.
Happily, we remained in contact by scoring a converted try just before the half time.
In the 2nd half, the AFRC forwards were impressive, playing on their feet and avoiding going on the ground, with several superb rolling and driven mauls on 10 metres and more. These actions put in ideal situation our backs. This pressure killed our opponents’ forwards and during the last 10 mns, it was not rare to see some of them lying on the ground, completely exhausted.
We noticed very few mistakes for a first game, proving that the last trainings started to pay off. We lost only 3 balls on our own launch at line outs. We played simply on our 1st jumper and Kousuke and Fabien were well synchronized. At scrum, despite Joe played tight head prop for the 1st time in his life, the scrum was strong and advanced several times, allowing plenty of time to Matthieu or Teru to play the ball properly. We lost only 2 balls on our own throw-ins.
But the most remarkable performance came from few commited faults: 10 penalties only were whistled agains us and even better, very few knock-on were whistled against us. Backs continue like that, this is a great effort.
Captain Matthieu did a good joob by signaling to the referee, several mistakes or faults from the other team such as no straight ball launches at line-out.
In term of discipline, we did not complained too much (except may be….. we do not mention his name, he will recognize him), and we respected the decisions of the referee (who made probably some mistakes, but evenly shared on each side). Unfortunately, we had to deplore that Joe got a yellow card, 5mns before the end of the game. On our point of view, it was a little bit harsh despite there was a fault. Remember, guys to behave. Do not do stupid things, Think!!!!
Finally, we would add that we need to train together to erase these small mistakes and to improve our physical conditions. If you can, please come to the trainings on each Thursday evening.
Today, all the team was good but we must confess that we were impressed by Kousuke for his several runs with the ball and good protection and the 3 rd rows, Matthieu, Laurent and Fabien which were supportive both in defense and attack, Graham who alternated well the game by passing or kicking the ball, Yuji for his excellent attacking and defense skills and Nicolas who deserves to play more next time, for his 2 to 3 excellent clear and sharp tackles. And lastly, the good surprise came from Cyril.
Also, we would like, and we are sure you will join us, to say thank you and to wish all the best for those who will leave us soon: Graham, and Romain. See you soon!
Next game on Sunday 4th October against the Wild Turkeys.Write it on your agenda.
See you on Thursday evening from 7PM at Shin Okubo.
Bruno Matthieu
Manager and coach Captain

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