Hello ladies,

after our great win vs Gentle Giants yesterday, time to put the last nail on the coffin and secure our first place in the pool A. Game is vs Baku, kick off is at 13h00 this SUnday 23rd Oct. at Hodogaya ground, an artificial turf near Yokohama.

Meeting is at 10h45 at Hodogaya Station 保土ヶ谷駅 (south of Yokohama).
FYI, there is a Shonan-Shinjuku Line train leaving from Ikebukuro at 9:53, then Shinjuku at 10:00, then Shibuya at 10:05, then Ebisu at 10:07 to arrive at 10:38. Be there.
I know there is the RWC final (France vs some guys) at 17h00, we tried to move the game earlier but there is another game before ours. Our game ends at 14:30 we have 2 hours to reach Meguro (usually takes 40 min from Hodogaya), so as long as you do not spend too much time in the make-up room, it should be fine.
So far:
Forwards (10): Joe, Charlie, Matt R, Ken, Kosuke, Jerome B, Kitauchi, Kenjiro, Toru, Benoit
Backs (3): Matt D, JP, Dan,
Mail me with Yes/No/Maybe.


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