Hi everyone,
quite a rainy day today but we did well in the gaijin 10s tournament.
With three cancelations on Saturday, we were only 11 people showing up at the field, including Simon who had to ref 2 more games. Games were 2 halves of 10 min so everybody got a good run. Here are the results:
– AFRC beat Gaijin southern hemisphere 3 tries to 1
– AFRC lost vs Cru 1 try to 0
– AFRC lost vs Gaijin Northern hemisphere 4 tries to 1
Cru won the tournament, winning all their games. Gaijin South and North came 2nd ex aequo and AFRC 4rth because we got 4 tries in the last game.

2 things:
– training does matter, we really improved compare to 2 months ago, let s keep on like this.
– everybody was tired for the last game because there was no substitutes basically. Attendance and recruiting are the 2 pilars for our next wins.

Next week is the Shuto 10s, this is the last event before vacation, we have the skills to do something so I would like to see a big turnout.
I will send the details on Monday.


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