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Tokyo, – Saturday 10th September 2011

Vol 11-011

Rugby World Cup – France-Japan – Thanks to all of you to have come

(photos attached to this mail).

Thanks to all of you to have come to attend the live broadcast of Japan-France RWC game at Black Lion, our club house, yesterday. I hope you enjoyed your afternoon.

More than 70 people attended the game. And what was great was to see that not only ALL FRANCE rugby players came but also some players we use to meet on the rugby pitches such as the Moccos or the Zenkai. Some old friends such as Alex Ma Poule was there too and it was good to see Yama walking well after his injury for training, even if he needs more weeks of convalescence to join us for playing.

Jean Phi’s clowny hat was heavily used to celebrate with dignity all scored points during the rugby game. Tequila shots at 3PM is not better than those drunk at 3AM. Some olas waves and paquitos were organized and launched by JeanPhi, our festive President.

As you may know, this afternoon was also a way for all of you to support financially the club since part of the turnover was returned to us by Scott, the Black Lion manager.

We thank also, Laurent SERENA, Kosuke YAMAMOTO, Matthieu ROSENBERG, Alexandre MIROUX, Philippe MIQUEL, Bruno LEROY, Matthieu VIGNAULT, Jean Philippe ENDRES, Alexandre BOYER, Damien MARTY, Hirotaka KOSHI to have paid their membership contribution (5000 JPY). We hope other players will follow soon……

All of this will help greatly the club to buy new stuff (such as balls, tee, spare jerseys) pay the shuto league registration fees (JPY 90000) and to organize more parties.

NEXT MEETINGS: Thursday 15 September at 7PM – Training at Shin Okubo Sunday 18th September at 5PM – Black Lion (Meguro) – Rugby World Cup France Vs Canada – Live Saturday 24th September at 5PM- Black Lion – Rugby World Cup France vs New Zealand – Live Saturday 1 October at 1:30PM – Black Lion – Rugby world Cup France Vs Tonga – Live Sunday 2 October – Shuto league game Vs Zenkai Beers.


Credit Photo: Tomoko

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