Tokyo – Saturday 3 September 2011

Vol 11-009

KICK OFF Party – BIG FUN, Big News, New faces at the ExCo

31 persons gathered at the Black Lion on Saturday 3rd September for the traditional ALL FRANCE rugby Club kick off party. That time, Scott, the manager of the Black Lion, prepared excellent food and offered plenty of drinks to make everyone happy that night.

We got the pleasure to see some new faces such as Jeremie, Jerome, Keith; 2 high school boys Alban and Seb, some familiar faces Joe, Mattieu V, Greg, Toru, Tom, Laurent L and great David, Hiro just back from his wedding (congratulations) and we cannot forget the ExCo: Kosuke, Jean Phi, Damien, Matthieu R and Bruno, and to end this list, the charming and lovely girls: Mina, Geenie, Hiroko, Tomoko, Chie and so many others.

It was also time for speech with a big reshuffle in the ExCo: Matthieu ROSENBERG, our captain for the last few seasons , decided to resign and introduced our new President Jean Philippe who was chosen since he is the only one to get the full support of all of us.

Some important messages of which the coming of Kousuke as responsible of the relation with the Shuto league managers along with Alex Miroux who needed support since he is busier and busier at work and the coming of Dan to be responsible of the recruitment.

Jean Phi announced also that since our main sponsors decided not to renew their sponsorship、it is necessary to implement a membership. The active membership (for all players) is JPY 5000 and the social membership (for OB or supporters who want to join) is at JPY 3000. Everyone has to understand that the annual budget of the AFRC is over JPY 150000.

Then, a lottery was organized:

Geenie won the 1st prize (2 tickets for the rugby world cup FRance Canada) but preferred to get a AFRC polo

The 2 tickets went to Kosuke. Well done mate

Then 3 other polos offered by David, our mecene for the night, were won by Joe who offered it to Chie, his girlfriend, an other was won by Andrew who offered it to Tomoko and finally, Eri got the last one.

At midnight, everyone was serious enough to go back home, avoiding the tequila shots, since an important rugby game was around the corner the following day.


Saturday 10th September at 2:30PM – Black Lion (Meguro) – Rugby World Cup France Vs Japan, followed by England Vs Argentina- Live

Sunday 18th September at 5PM – Black Lion (Meguro) – Rugby World Cup France Vs Canada – Live

Saturday 24th September at 5PM- Black Lion – Rugby World Cup France  vs New Zealand – Live

Saturday 1 October at 1:30PM – Black Lion – Rugby world Cup France Vs Tonga – Live

Sunday 2 October – Shuto league game Vs Zenkai Beers.

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