ALL FRANCE Rugby Club executive Commitee report : season 2010-2011’s 3rd meeting


Friday 28 January 2011

As you may know, the AFRC is managed through an ExCo:

  • Matthieu ROSENBERG as President and fixture manager,
  • Bruno LEROY as Treasurer and coach,
  • Damien MARTY as Captain
  • Alexandre MIROUX as sponsoring manager and shuto league relationship manager
  • Jean Philippe ENDRES as social activities manager.

and it is in the opinion of the ExCo, his decisions must be communicated to you to let you know what are our main projects, objectives, AMBITIONS.

The ExCo has met last Friday 28 February and the following decisions were adopted:

1)      Attending the monthly meetings of the Shuto League represents more than 50 hours of the time of Alexandre MIROUX and due to his professional responsibilities, he cannot spend so much time without help. For your information, all the meetings are held in Japanese. It was decided that we shall find out someone who can represent the AFRC at these meetings. IF YOU WISH TO GIVE A HAND, PLEASE LET US KNOW.

2) 2nd semester games, rugby  tour and tournament and social schedules :

13 Feb : Zenkai
26 Feb : tournée à Saigon
5 or 6 Mar : YCAC
19 Mar : Kichijouji Wild Turkeys
2  Apr : tournoi a 7 du Lycée Français au YCAC
3 Apr : O Hanami Pena Baiona
9 Apr : 4th Nation Cup 1st round : Crusaders
16 Apr : 4th Nation Cup Finales @ US Navy
8 May: AFRC Invitation League: 1st round
15 May : Petanque tournament with AFJ
21 May: AFRC Invitation League:2nd round
28 or 29 May: AFRC invitation League : 3rd round
3 Jul: Shuto 10’s tournament
9 Jul : Year end party

3) Tour to Vietnam

21 pax (of which 18 players) will join the tour to Ho Chi Minh on 26 and 27 February 2011. A “special Vietnam tour” polo will be made. After our game on Saturday afternoon, dinner and 6 Nations rugby England – France will be watched live. On Sunday, the day will be spent on the sea beach until we are back to take our plane back to Tokyo.

PS: still open to late coming players.

4) AFRC’s 4 nations tournaments and AFRC invitation league

On the proposal of Alexandre MIROUX and supported by the ExCo, the AFRC will organize 2 tournaments:

1) the 4 nations tournament where will be invited the Crusaders, The Gaijin and the US Navy in 2 rounds. The 2nd round will be played at the US Navy base and will be followed by a BBQ.

2) The AFRC invitation league will be a robin round tournament against the Moccossus, Zenkai and Bakus.

5) AFRC social activities

On proposal of Damien MARTY and Jean Philippe ENDRES and supported by the ExCo, several social parties will be organized:

1) Our o hanami party will be held on 3rd April under the thema: Pays Basque and called PENA BAIONA. It will be an omihodai and tabehodai one opened to family members and friends

2) The AFRC will join hand with the AFJ to organize a “petanque” (French game of bowls) competition at Tatsumi

3) Our year end party will be held on 9th july. During this party, awards (cup and medals) will be remitted to recipients.

6) Financial support to players by the club

For the Vietnam tour, the club has sponsored several of our players (students, local employees and VIE) for a total sum of JPY 150,000 which is an extremely big effort for the club which does not receive any annual membership fees but rely only on sponsoring for its finance.

The Exco members have decided that the recipients or potential recipients in the future will have to show regular participation to the trainings and the games and the social activities of the club to be granted with some financial help. It will be the decision of the ExCo to grant or not this financial help without any recourse.

7) Web page

Our new web site is in his final step before being released. We shall inform you in due course when it will be available to everyone.

Bruno LEROY – Secretary

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