Best player of the season
Best try scorer of the season
2nd best point scorer of the season behind Matthieu DERYCKE,
2nd behind Matthieu Rosenberg for the Iron Man award of the season,

Arthur has left Tokyo and the AFRC early July to join his University in France since he successfully passed his exams called in France Baccalaureat with honours.
Here under is the message he addressed to all of us:
Well, I’m leaving Tokyo in 3 hours.
I just want to thank every member of this team.
There, I learnt a different rugby, I enjoyed playing with both of you guys.
This is more than a team, it’s like a family, that’s what I call rugby…
Even if we didn’t win every match, we were always fighting to represent AllFrance.
I become more mature stronger .
Thank you all and maybe see you in France 🙂

Arthur, Thank you for all your dedication to the AFRC. Be sure, you will miss us. Good luck in France and see you there when there are OLD BOYS Parties.  And if you come back to Tokyo, don’t forget your boots…..

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