Lads, For Saturday, Change of plan. We shall watch the game at LEGENDS in ROPPONGI, not HUB. Meeting there at 1PM, sharp (Kick off is at 2pm). Beer is more expensive there but (1) there is a terrace (2) it is PAY as you GO => no need to commit on minimum numbers, course etc. (3) no need to book, you can come and go as you like. Easier that way. Otherwise it is more headache for Ko-chan and I! ☺ We will book HUB for Sunday after game function (HUB IKEBUKURO). Those who arrive early on Saturday, please secure a nice table for the All France group and hold the fort against the Expat sc(r)um ☺ Confirmed (6) : Hiro, Kosuke, Nico, Ben, Stephane, Hisa -Lolo and Erwan will be watching the game from the stands! Lucky you! -I will come with my son but might not stay the entire game. See you at training tonight for those of you who are coming.

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