Tonight is the deadline for the restaurant booking.

For those who have not answered yet (Florian, Keith, Lolo, Vincent, Andrew, Masafumi etc), let us know in case you can make it.

Also, for those coming, feel free to come along with your wives and girlfriends (otherwise it will be a bit like a rugby changing room….5 ladies & something like 25 men so far).

IN [30]:

Lads [25]: Erwan, Toru, Bruno, Kosuke, Matthieu R, Philippe M, Matt Aveline, Hisa, Hiro, Mike, Jphi, Yama, Dan, Charlie, James, Yuji S, Yuji T, Ken, Xavier, Alex Miroux, Fred Bessy, Matt Derycke, Matt Vignaud, Simon, Kazu

Ladies [5]: Hiro’s wife, Pia Vignaud, Yuki +1, Alix Endres

OUT: Masahiro, Cedric, Alex Boyer, Greg, Damien, Philippe W, Kazu Miura, Francois, Quentin.

Answer/changes by email or on DOODLE



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